Bruce and Mr Oliver Goldsmith

 Bruce with Mr Oliver Goldsmith

Here is Bruce with Mr Oliver Goldsmith, discussing some of the finer points of his frames along with some manufacturing techniques unique to his company. For example, they are able to fuse plastics in a special way resulting in details not found in any other acetate frame in the industry. Mr Goldsmith is also in the process of reviving vintage frames for use in the movie industry

How to: Maximizing the Lifespan of your Frames!

Here at Optical Excellence in the Glebe of Ottawa, ON we believe that regular maintenance can make a huge difference when it comes to the lifespan of your frame. Let's face it -- glasses can be an expensive purchase. However, with a few simple tune-ups and some "at-home" tips you can keep your glasses in tip-top shape!

Here are two simple tips to keep your glasses looking and feelings fabulous:

Come check us out - We've had a makeover!


It has been crazy and hectic here at Optical Excellence in the Glebe, Ottawa, ON.  Why you ask? Well, we have been busy giving our storefront on Bank Street a facelift! Gone are the days of purple walls and a crowded sales floor. We are now proud to boast that we have a beautiful open-concept design which maximizes space in our dispensary! Like art on canvas; we now feel that all of our exquisite glasses can finally speak for themselves due to our neutral colour scheme and high-end finishes. Come in and take a look for yourselves.