Optical Excellence Services

At Optical Excellence, we have a varied selection of fashionable eyewear - for prescription glasses, sunglasses, athletic or specialty-purpose lenses and glasses. Bruce Tobin, our dedicated and award-winning Optician who cares deeply about eye and vision health - and satisfied customers - can also expertly fit your contact lenses. (He works closely with the Irlen Syndrome Institute in California.). We sell our eyewear products and services in Ottawa, Canada, and to valued clients in the US, UK and Germany - we welcome the opportunity to serve you.
Our award-winning services include:

  1. eyeglass / frame fitting
  2. contacts and individual contact lens fittings
  3. fixing and repairing frames
  4. cutting and edging prescription lenses - for any prescription (including astigmatism, near- or far-sightedness)
  5. ordering everyday, specialty and handcrafted frames and coated lenses
  6. ensuring quality and fashionable bifocals, progressives / multi-focals, tri-focals
  7. crafting athletic / sports glasses, including diving and golfing
  8. safety glasses
  9. consulting with clients for vocational glasses (i.e., for electricians, librarians, mechanics, plumbers) - all of whom need to look upwards, and see details AT eye level)
  10. refer / recommend reputable eye doctors

Outstanding Customer Service

We are grateful for our loyal clients - who come back regularly, and refer us to their friends, family and colleagues.
Bruce and Wendy are passionate about providing excellent customer service, and products and services that cater to our clients’ needs. For example, we have specialty lens-cutting equipment in-store, your glasses can be ready at your convenience. For contact lenses, Bruce’s 35+ years of experience and attention to detail will provide you with a best-fit and shaping of each lens. We have quality frames and lenses for everyday versatility to specialty, handcrafted designs from Germany, and exclusive collections of optical eyewear. We tailor each frame and lens package to suit your specific needs, because we know you want to look your best, and see your best too!